How to Choose the Top Canon Camera Warranty

Canon has earned a solid reputation for producing high-quality, innovative cameras since the 1930s. By the 1980s, this famous company launched some of the first digital cameras for commercial sale, according to CNET. Today, the company’s still known as one of the leaders in camera technology.
They also offer a broad line of cameras to suit the needs and budgets of various people. From beginners to professionals, many photographers choose to invest in Canon cameras. Along with picking out the perfect model, it’s also important to consider buying the best Canon camera warranty.

What Are the Top Canon Cameras for 2021?

Obviously, choosing the best camera will depend upon a consumer’s expectations. Professionals may want complete control over magazine-quality photos. Serious amateurs might look for a camera that’s not quite so sophisticated but will help them sharpen their photography skills. Others simply want decent quality without a lot of fuss. Canon offers cameras for any of these groups of camera bugs.
With that in mind, Digital Camera World mentioned their top picks for 2021 Canon cameras in various categories. For some examples:
  • DSLR: Anybody who wants a camera that’s easy to get started with, portable, and rich in features might choose the Rebel SL3. It retails for just under $600.
  • Mirrorless for Pros: The EOS R6 camera ranks as one of the best all-around camera choices and includes an amazing autofocus feature. It typically retails for about $2,500.
  • Compact camera: Some people just want an affordable camera that’s really easy to use, and the IXUS 185 HS offers a good choice for them. It generally sells for about $120 to $130.

Do you need to insure Canon Digital Cameras?

Except for beginner models, most high-quality Canon cameras cost several hundred dollars. In return, they provide high-end features and top-quality images. As discussed in a previous article on Upsie, an extended warranty will help protect an investment in a digital camera.
However, the very portability and sophistication of these good cameras makes them vulnerable to various types of damage and wear. Meanwhile, the warranty that comes with a typical camera will only offer limited and short-term protection against manufacturing defects.
Manufacturers offer warranties to guarantee workmanship and parts at the time of the sale. They don’t include the kind of protection that will guard against problems that crop up after the camera gets used for any length of time, or include any type of accident protection.

Why Buy a Canon Extended Warranty From Upsie?

Retailers and manufacturers may offer an extended warranty for an additional charge. Generally, these actually come from third-party warranty companies and not the company that makes the camera. Manufacturers focus upon making good cameras, so they typically only market these warranties to satisfy customer demand and of course, to earn commissions from an extra sale.
Upsie only focuses on extended warranties and cuts out the middleman. That’s why they can offer comprehensive protection and convenient service for a lot less money. An Upsie Canon camera extended warranty includes:
  • Online warranty registration for purchases made in the last 60 days
  • 24-7 claims service online or by phone with the option of local or mail-in repairs
  • Protection for lenses and screens, mechanical parts, zoom functions, and much more
  • Even coverage for damage from liquids, like spills or rainstorms
In addition to Canon cameras, Upsie also offers extended warranties for other camera brands, lenses, and even other kinds of electronics. Instead of keeping track of multiple warranty plans with various companies, Upsie customers have everything in one user-friendly, online interface.
Get started with an Upsie lens and camera warranty by choosing the product and filling out a simple form. In turn, customers will maximize their investment in a high-end camera by ensuring it’s well protected.

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