The Latest Nikon 800mm Lens Is an Affordable Delight

Photography is a diverse hobby. One end of the spectrum is home to lo-fi shooters who pack nothing more than the old-fashioned Kodak Funsaver. The other is occupied by serious hobbyists who go shooting with packs full of gear worth tens of thousands of dollars. There’s a lot of room in between these extremes, featuring users armed with the iPhone 13 Pro Max or something more traditional (like DSLR cameras).
Photographers hold the name Nikon in high regard, thanks to a history of quality dating back to the early 1900s. The newest lens release — the NIKKOR Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S — promises to provide access to a fantastic lens that is also a phenomenal bargain. Keep reading to find out more about this lens — and what makes it an essential investment for savvy photographers.

Shockingly Affordable

There comes a time in every serious photographer’s life when they first discover just how expensive some lenses can be. It’s not uncommon to spend upwards of $10,000 on a professional-level lens. High investments are especially common for lenses that can cover a distance of 800mm. Canon, for example, offers an impressive 800mm f/5.6 lens that costs the same amount as a 2022 Hyundai Accent.
Those accustomed to high prices will be surprised to discover that the Nikon 800mm f/6.3 lens is significantly cheaper, checking in at less than half the price of its Canon competition. The photography experts at Fstoppers couldn’t help but rave about the “insanely low price” in their feature on the NIKKOR Z 800mm lens — and at $6,4995, it’s certainly a bargain. Remember, this adjective is rarely used to describe camera lenses.

Surprisingly Lightweight and Portable

Another rarely used term for an 800mm lens that stretches more than a foot long: Portability. Somehow, that is exactly what Nikon has managed to achieve with the 800mm lens.
Thanks to the Fresnel lens design, the unit itself weighs just barely over five pounds. This relatively lightweight solution makes the lens perfect for nature photographers, photojournalists, and other adventurous types who prize mobility.
Measuring a hair over fifteen inches, the NIKKOR Z 800mm lens is about as long as one would expect from this type of design — but not nearly as bulky thanks to the lightweight construction.

Nikon 800mm Lens Specs and Other Features

While the NIKKOR Z 800mm lens is great right away without any adjustments, it also has a variety of interesting features and functions. A few of the highlights include:
  • Compatibility with Nikon Z series teleconverters – This allows the lens to go even further, reaching out to 1120mm or 1600mm depending on the converter used.
  • Enhanced optical vibration reduction – When tracking subjects for longer periods of time, vibration reduction is a must. In-lens optical VR ensures that every shot will look crisp.
  • Rear-biased center of gravity – Handling a five-pound, fifteen-inch piece of equipment in a fluid manner can be difficult. This is why Nikon moved the center of gravity on this lens toward the back. By doing so, Nikon ensures easy, smooth operation — and the ability to start and stop quickly.
  • Premium build quality and design – Inclement weather poses no threat to this lens, which is built to handle the elements. Tactile buttons also make it easy to keep eyes on the shooting subject while also navigating the controls.
There are several more features that make the NIKKOR Z 800mm lens a terrific option — some of which will appeal to only a limited number of photographers. Essentially, those in the market for an 800mm lens will not be disappointed by this offering from Nikon.
The appeal of the new Nikon lens is even greater when considering the price. After all, the cost is so much lower than options from Nikon’s main rivals that it’s only a matter of time before the competition follows suit. Until then, consumers shouldn’t hesitate to make the NIKKOR Z 800mm a part of their camera setup.

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