Canon Mirrorless Camera RF 1200mm f/8L IS USM Lens

Canon launched its EF Series of lenses in 1980, and they’ve remained a standard for DSLR cameras. More recently, in 2018, Canon began producing RF lenses for mirrorless cameras, and it appears that’s the kind of lenses that the company most heavily invests in today. Their most recent lens is the Canon RF 1200mm f/8L IS USM.

The Latest Mirrorless Canon Lens: RF 1200mm f.8L USM

According to Digital Photo Pro, Canon already has 16 RF lenses. They appear to have paused new development for EF lenses, though they still actively produce and distribute them. Their most recent addition is the RF 1200MM f/8L USM, a lightweight, top-tier lens that features full telephoto capabilities.
B&H Photo described the lens by saying it offers unmatched length and a unique lightweight and compact design. The super-telephoto capabilities provide serious photographers with high-quality optimism, intuitive functionality, and pro-grade durability. The lens offers practically unmatched focal lengths, providing an excellent choice for applications like wildlife and sports photography. Other key features include premium image stabilization and a responsive AF.
The lens weighs a little over seven pounds and measures 21.1 inches long. That sounds big, but it’s reasonably light for a lens in this class. Most photographers will probably use it with a tripod or monopod, but a photographer could use it without a stand for short sessions. The lens also works with extenders, making it possible to extend the already impressive reach.

How Much Does the RF 1200mm f.8L USM Cost?

This professional Canon mirrorless lens costs more than many mid-range cameras. For instance, B&H Photo has the lens listed for about $2,000, and that retailer doesn’t even have the lens in stock yet (early March, 2022). Canon had professional photographers, news organizations, and earnest amateurs in mind when they designed this advanced piece of photographic equipment.

Why Buy an Extended Warranty for a Canon RF Lens?

Canon produces reliable and durable RF lenses. Still, the latest and best mirrorless lenses require a substantial investment. Photographers don’t always work in the safety of their homes and studios. Instead, they take these lenses out into the world where they can capture impressive images.
But no matter where you intend to capture images, the portable nature of your camera puts it at risk for damage. This includes accidental drops and bumps, environmental conditions, inclement weather, and wear. Meanwhile, the manufacturer’s warranty only covers manufacturer defects until the contract term expires. That makes an extended warranty a prudent investment for all photographers.

Where to Buy the Best Extended Warranty for Premium Camera Lenses

By now, many photographers already rely on Upsie to protect their valuable cameras. When premium lenses and other accessories can cost as much as many cameras, it’s good to learn that Upsie offers extended warranties for camera accessories and cameras. Even better, Upsie’s unique method of connecting directly with customers lets them offer premium protection that’s up to 70 percent cheaper than in-store competitors.
For example, Upsie:
  • Covers accidental drops, liquid damage, and mechanical, electronic, or electrical issues.
  • Gives their customers as long as 60 days to register a two- or three-year warranty plan.
  • Claims representatives answer the phone 24-7 to help customers file claims. They also help arrange local or mail-in repairs from certified camera technicians.
  • Pays for two-day postage both ways if you choose to ship your camera in for repairs. They also only have a $25 deductible with no extra fees.
A high-quality lens like one from the Canon RF Series can have a tremendous impact on the quality of images. To ensure the lens and camera keep performing as they should, choose an Upsie extended camera warranty. This affordable and robust coverage can help photographers buy the perfect lens confidently.

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