How to Get the Best Warranty For Your Canon Camera Gear

Canon makes some of the most popular and high-quality photography gear marketed toward consumers and entrepreneurs. Yet this gear doesn’t come cheap, and cameras can be easy to damage or drop. For most, it makes sense to protect a new camera with an extended warranty. Here’s what you need to know.

With Upsie Are My Lenses Protected, Too?

For cameras with detachable lenses, the answer is no. If your DSLR or mirrorless camera is protected under an extended warranty, that warranty does not extend to your lenses.
Of course, some high-end lenses can cost as much as or more than the camera body itself. So most warranty companies will sell you a separate plan for protecting or insuring high-value lenses. Similarly, a camera lens extended warranty does not provide any coverage for the camera body itself. To insure a camera and one lens would require two plans, one for each piece of gear.

Warranty Plans for Canon Camera Gear

So, what are the best warranty plans for Canon photography gear? Most consumers will settle on one of three plans, or they will choose a warranty plan from the retailer where they bought the camera.
Retail-based plans vary widely in terms of cost and quality, but in general, you’ll risk overpaying. Cashiers know you can’t check the competition while standing at the register, and stores overcharge accordingly.

Canon CarePAK

Canon has its own in-house extended care plan for Canon gear. CarePAK PLUS is the name of their product for consumer equipment, including DSLR cameras and lenses. By purchasing CarePAK PLUS, you get accidental damage protection and normal wear and tear protection beyond the standard manufacturer warranty.
Plans vary widely in price, depending on the piece of gear you’re insuring. The well-reviewed Canon EOS 6D Mark II is a popular prosumer DSLR camera. Protecting the body alone will run you $121.99 for a two-year plan and $219.99 for a four-year plan.
There are a couple of advantages to this plan. Canon includes Image Recovery service for devices that have a memory card. If you have images on the memory card and you can’t retrieve them with your own tools, Canon might be able to help. There’s also no deductible for repairs.
Some buyers will like the peace of mind of working with Canon directly. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a plus because some makers are known for exceptionally bad first-party service.
If you want Canon CarePAK PLUS, you must purchase it within 90 days of purchasing your new or refurbished Canon gear.
If you dive into the fine print, you’ll learn that Canon will cover one accidental damage product replacement and up to two replacements for power surge or component failures. Unfortunately, the plan does not cover “trim parts,” including covers.
Also, all repairs must be done at Canon. This means shipping your camera off, which isn’t always desirable. Also, “collision with another object” is not covered, even though drop damage ostensibly is. This kind of legalese gives Canon wiggle room to deny a claim that you might not appreciate.
All in all, the Canon CarePAK plan is a decent choice with some great features. However, the cost and some of the legalese might give you pause.

Upsie for Camera and Lens Warranties

Upsie offers a simple and straightforward third-party extended warranty on Canon camera gear. The price of your two- or three-year warranty with accident protection varies depending on the purchase price of your Canon gear. That same Canon EOS 6D Mark II would cost around $122.99 for two years of coverage and just $165.97 for three years.
With Upsie, you’re covered for unlimited repairs, up to the full purchase price of your device. If your device cannot be repaired, Upsie will replace it for you. If you have an accidental damage claim, there is a small $25 deductible.
Eligibility is limited to new and used Canon devices purchased within the last 60 days, so you’ll need to make the decision to purchase your Upsie extended warranty relatively quickly.
One of the best perks with Upsie is the choice to use your own preferred local repair shop. You can ship in your camera if you prefer, but you can also use one of Upsie’s certified repair shops near you. Or you can request to take your camera or lens to a shop you already trust!
Here’s what’s covered in an Upsie extended camera warranty:
  • Cracked screen or lens
  • Mechanical failure, including defects and non-accidental failures to motors, gears, ball bearings, and other moving parts
  • Liquid damage
  • Power failure
  • Problems with zoom
  • Screen failure (including burn-in and dead pixels)


SquareTrade is another big player in this space. Their plans are fine, but just terribly expensive. Covering that same Canon EOS 6D Mark II will cost you $230 for two years and well over $300 for three. At those prices, there’s not much more to say. SquareTrade is just too expensive for cameras.

Upsie: The Best Extended Warranty Choice for Canon Cameras and Lenses

If it’s time to make a decision about the best extended warranty plan for Canon cameras and lenses, Upsie is the clear choice. Affordable rates, no-hassle repairs where you can use your own preferred local shop, and a clear and straightforward pricing model make Upsie the right choice for you.
Ready to get started? Select the Upsie plan that applies to the gear you want to protect.

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