Best Canon Camcorders – Early 2022 Edition

Famed for its cameras, Canon is similarly celebrated for its camcorders. This year, a trio has stood out from the rest. These are the brand’s Vixia HF R800, Vixia HF G50, and XA40 models. That’s based on reviews across the board, including those from consumers and experts alike.
To demonstrate, here’s a closer look at precisely why these three camcorders, in particular, have come to represent this year’s very best.

Canon Camcorders: This Year’s Best

All of the current best Canon camcorders are models introduced in previous years. While each has likely since been tweaked by the manufacturer, 2019 models and earlier remain Canon’s best-rated. One model, in fact, that’s also worthy of an honorable mention—the XA10—is over a decade old. It first hit the market way back in 2011.
In addition to no doubt making numerous minor improvements, the world-famous Japanese brand has continued to add to the accessory line-ups for each of its top-rated camcorders. As such, even models that are now two or more years old remain on par with more recent releases from other manufacturers like JVC, Panasonic, and Sony.

Canon Vixia HF R800

Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, the Vixia HF R800 from Canon boasts great specs. These include high-resolution 1080p recording, a CMOS sensor, and a massive 57x advanced zoom in a package weighing barely 300 grams. The palm-sized Vixia HF R800 also gets intelligent image stabilization and framing assistance functionality usually reserved for more expensive models.
One of Digital Camera World’s best budget camcorders of 2021 and the publication’s favorite for families, it’s something of a bargain at under $250. It’s a favorite of Rolling Stone magazine as well, making their list of the top four video cameras for vlogging, traveling, and making movies in 2021.

Canon Vixia HF G50

It’s within Canon’s Vixia range that another of the brand’s best camcorders of 2021 can also be found. It’s a bit expensive, costing a penny under $1,100. In addition, it’s rather heavy at between 735 and 870 grams, depending on configuration. B&H Photo Video has repeatedly praised the Canon Vixia HF G50, naming it among the best options for vloggers and various other potential users.
Elsewhere, the $1,199.99 Vixia HF G50 is widely celebrated for its ease of use. There are numerous automatic settings that are easy to use for even novice photographers. At the same time, much more precise manual controls are also on offer for those who are more experienced.

Canon XA40

Finally, and a best-seller from the manufacturer’s professional camcorder line-up, is the Canon XA40. It’s another step up in terms of pricing, though. The $1,499.99 model is Creative Bloq’s best 4K camcorder of 2021, from Canon or otherwise.
The XA40 weighs in at less than the mid-range Vixia HF G50. At just 730 grams, it’s somewhat less portable than the entry-level Vixia HF R800. So, it’s still relatively compact, and that extra weight affords buyers professional-tier features like dual U3 SD card slots, an infrared mode, and five-axis image stabilization.
The Canon XA40’s predecessor, the XA10, was praised by Rolling Stone magazine for their used and refurbished cameras. Somewhat incredibly, the Canon XA10 still stacks up well against its replacement even more than ten years after it was first introduced.

Canon Camcorder Warranty

Costing up to and potentially well above $1,500, Canon’s most popular and best-rated camcorders can be expensive. Like any piece of technology, they’re susceptible to manufacturer defects, mechanical faults, and various other failures. Furthermore, by their very nature, they’re also at an inherent risk of accidental damage, including drops and liquid spills. To safeguard against such eventualities, an extended warranty is always recommended.
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