Why Consider Buying a Blink Camera for Home Security?

Founded in 2014 and now owned by Amazon, Blink earned a reputation for making small, battery-powered, and affordable security cameras. Despite the low price, Blink security cameras hold up surprisingly well in comparison to more expensive, complex security systems and devices. Find out more about the generous set of features that Blink offers.

Why Consider Buying a Blink Camera for Home Security?

According to U.S. News, Blink security products offer these distinctive features:
  • Two-way audio
  • Temperature monitoring
  • 1080P FHD video
  • Customizable motion-detection alerts
  • Infrared night vision
  • Weather-resistant (Blink Outdoor Camera)
Additionally, Blink is compatible with Amazon Smart Home and works with Echo speakers and displays. Blink also offers a free phone app to use and control their security cameras and doesn’t require an outside system to function. Furthermore, users can choose to store data locally, which gives them the option of not paying an extra subscription fee. Perhaps most amazing, the battery-powered cameras can run for up to 24 months on two AA, lithium batteries.
Also, frugal shoppers will appreciate the simple, DIY installation process and $99 price of the popular Blink Outdoor Camera. This model is tied for 4th place in the U.S. News 2021 ranking of the top outdoor security cameras. Although the camera is named for outdoor use, it works well for indoor use as well. Users can place the camera on a shelf or table or mount it on the wall or door.

Why Consider Buying a Blink Outdoor Camera

On the one hand, this camera offers value to people who want to watch their budget, especially those who would rather not get locked into paying a subscription for storage. On the other hand, other brands offer higher resolution and a wider field of vision. The camera also lacks a continuous recording option. It also does not offer zoom or person-detection features.
Besides the Blink Outdoor Camera, the company also makes the Blink Indoor Camera and Blink Mini:
  • The Blink Indoor Camera has the same features as the Blink Outdoor Camera, but it’s not resistant to weather and is $20 cheaper.
  • The Blink Mini costs $34.99 and can record for a maximum of 30 seconds after the motion trigger wakes it up.
Of course, consumers have plenty of choices when it comes to budget-friendly security cameras. Ring, another Amazon-owned company, offers the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery. Like the Blink Outdoor Camera, it also costs $99. However, the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery records in full HD. As with most purchases, it’s a good idea to compare various security cameras to see which one will offer the most satisfying experience.

Protection Plans for Home Security Cameras

Like all electronics, home security systems come with an initial warranty. These often guarantee that the camera makes it home free from defects. However, this original protection only lasts for a year and specifically excludes some defects. If the devices breaks after the manufacturer warranty expires, you’re out of luck.
In contrast, Upsie lets its customers choose between two and three years of protection. An Upsie security camera extended warranty covers the failure of electronic, mechanical, and power systems. In addition, they have customer claims reps on duty 24-7 to process claims.
Consumers will find plenty of affordable, high-quality security cameras on the market. Affordable, robust warranties, like Upsie, are much rarer. Besides cameras, Upsie also has protection plans for many kinds of electronics and appliances.

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