Should You Buy the Walmart Protection Plan?

Walmart offers affordable warranties for its electronics and appliances. However, there’s a better warranty option. Here’s everything you need to know about the Walmart Protection Plan and why you should avoid it.

What Do Walmart Protection Plans Cover?

Walmart offers warranties for most of its electronic products.

For example, you can purchase a Walmart warranty for these products:

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • TVs
  • Tablets
  • Gaming devices
  • Cameras
  • Appliances
  • Outdoor power equipment
  • Wearable tech
  • Fitness equipment
  • Portable audio

The plans vary based on the device. However, there are two types of plans you can purchase. First, you can purchase a Walmart Standard Plan for TVs, monitors, and appliances. This plan covers mechanical and electrical failures, power surges, power failures, and breakdowns from normal use. Essentially, the Standard Plan extends the manufacturer’s warranty.

For laptops, tablets, smartphones, and headphones, you can purchase Accident Plans. This plan covers drops, cracked screens, and liquid damage (in addition to everything covered by the Standard Plan).

For specific warranty information based on your device, log into your Walmart account. You can view the exact terms and conditions for the plan you purchased at check out. However, Walmart’s plans are not very transparent pre-purchase. You’ll find that it’s difficult to view deductible costs and other fees until after you purchase the plan.

How Does the Walmart Protection Plan Work?

To purchase a Walmart warranty, you need to purchase it at checkout. In some cases, you can add on the protection plan shortly after purchase. However, you’ll have to contact customer support for assistance.

After you purchase the warranty, you will need to save your receipts for the warranty and the device. If you lose either receipt, you’ll have difficulty making a claim. Walmart can also deny your claim if you don’t have your receipt.

To file a claim, visit your Walmart account and navigate to the warranty page. Next, select “File a claim.” Once you begin filing your claim, you’ll notice that the page takes you away from Walmart’s warranty page to Allstate’s claim page. This is because Walmart’s warranties are actually backed by Allstate (formerly SquareTrade). They are simply branded as “Walmart warranties.”

You may need to log in again to Allstate’s site, and then you can begin the claim process. Walmart includes on-site, mail-in, and local repairs for most electronics. But, again, read through your warranty terms and conditions.pdf) for specifics on your plan.

Should You Purchase the Walmart Protection Plan?

No, you should not purchase the Walmart Protection Plan. Like most of Walmart’s products, their warranties are affordable. The downside is that most customers have poor experiences with the warranty service provider. In addition, the warranty terms aren’t clear before purchase. This makes it difficult for customers to know what they are purchasing before they check out.

If you’ve recently purchased the Walmart warranty, you can cancel it easily in the first 30 days. Here’s how to cancel:

  • For purchases made in-store: Bring the receipt back to the store and make a normal return. Walmart will fully refund you for the plan. You can also cancel online.
  • For purchases made online: Visit and cancel the plan from there.
  • Plans purchased more than 30 days ago: Contact Allstate through this link. You should receive a prorated refund.

Avoid purchasing the Walmart Protection Plan. Instead, consider purchasing an affordable, comprehensive warranty plan from Upsie.

Can You Purchase an Upsie Warranty for a Walmart Device?

Yes! You can purchase an Upsie warranty for most electronics purchased from Walmart. Here are the eligibility windows for electronic devices:

  • Laptops: 60 days
  • Tablets: 60 days
  • Large appliances: 11 months
  • TVs: 11 months
  • Gaming devices: 60 days
  • Headphones and speakers: 60 days
  • Fitness equipment: 11 months
  • Cameras: 60 days

Smartphones have a unique monthly subscription plan and no eligibility window. This means you can purchase an Upsie warranty for phones bought anytime as long as it has no current damage. You also don’t need your phone’s recipe to purchase an Upsie smartphone subscription warranty.

Upsie’s warranties are affordable, comprehensive, and transparent. You can browse Upsie’s warranties on the website and see clear pricing and coverage with no hidden terms. Get the best protection when you choose Upsie to protect your tech.

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