Google IO 2022 Full Recap of New Tech

Google IO is the company’s annual developer conference. It’s where they unveil news on their latest technology and make announcements on app and service updates. 2022’s event took place from May 11th to 12th and featured some juicy info.
Here’s a recap of the biggest news from the event.

Google Gave the First Peek of the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

First, people had the chance to see Google’s newest line of smartphones at the Google IO. The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro have the same beautiful minimalist aesthetics users have come to expect, along with some innovative new features.
One of the most notable is the two camera sensors on the Google Pixel 7 and the three camera sensors on the Pixel 7 Pro, which “sets a completely new standard for photography performance and design,” according to Google’s Rick Osterloh. These phones will also use the next generation of the Google Tensor processor to deliver an even better experience with speech, video, and security.

Pixel 6a Offers an Attractive Price Point

Offering a quality smartphone at a reasonable price is clearly on Apple’s and Google’s agenda. Apple, for example, has the iPhone SE. And Google just announced the Pixel 6a, which has the same core features as its Pixel 6 smartphones but at a more affordable price point.
For comparison, the Pixel 6 smartphones currently retail for $599, while the Pixel 6a costs $150 less at just $449. As for features, it has the same fast 5G connectivity, high-level security with Titan M2, and the Google Tensor processor. In short, the Pixel 6a has all the bells and whistles but costs significantly less.

Pixel Watch Will Launch This Fall

Set to drop in fall 2022, the Pixel Watch is the first of its kind to be designed inside and out by Google. It has amazing aesthetics with customizable bands that can easily be attached and detached. In terms of capabilities, Pixel delivers a superb Wear OS experience that integrates with other Google apps and tech.
With Google Maps, for instance, you can get directions on the go without your phone. With Google Wallet, you can ditch your physical wallet and seamlessly make transactions. And with Google Home, you have complete control of your environment, allowing you to turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat from your wrist.

Pixel Buds Pro Will Be Available in July

Finally, Google announced that their Pro tier offering for the Pixel Buds will officially come out in July and will cost $199. According to Google developers, it’s “the best mobile audio they’ve ever designed,” and it comes with several innovative features.
For starters, they’re the first Pixel Buds with active noise cancellation, and they incorporate a new custom audio processor for maximum performance. They offer up to 11 hours of listening time, making them perfect for long flights or simply when you need to focus uninterrupted. The Pixel Buds Pro can be used hand-free so you can get walking directions, real-time translations, and more. They’re designed to automatically switch from device to device, so you can go from talking on your phone to a video call on your laptop to watching your smart TV with ease.
Beyond that, these earbuds have a smartphone feature where you can track their location if you ever lose them.

What About Warranties for Google’s New Products?

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