What’s the Best Way to Protect Holiday Electronic Gifts?

This year, tech has made the top of plenty of holiday gift lists. Popular, modestly priced gifts that most people appreciate include smart speakers, connected light bulbs, earbuds, and fitness trackers.
More expensive holiday gifts include tablets, smartphones, TVs, and game systems. For that person on the gift list who already appears to own "everything," consider buying them an electronic notebook, a VR headset, or even a modern take on instant-print cameras.
Consumers can find the perfect electronic gift for almost everybody and even for themselves. Many retailers and manufacturers hold holiday sales during the holiday season, making this an excellent time to buy. Naturally, holiday shopping can include electronics. In that case, gifting a protection plan can ensure that the present holds its value for years in the future.

Do Retailers Sell the Best Warranties to Protect Electronic Holiday Gifts?

Online or local, most retailers will encourage people to purchase an extended warranty for their electronics purchases. However, commissions and extra profits incentivize eCommerce sites and brick-and-mortar stores to push their protection plans.
Though heavily marketed, these retail protection plans may not offer the most affordable solution for customers. In addition, retail protection plans are expensive and contain fine print and exclusions that detract from their value.
The Federal Trade Commission's advice to consumers is to always compare warranties before purchasing. Retailers may not offer the best warranty options for several reasons. With that in mind, compare prices, claims servicing options, and coverage inclusions and exclusions.

How Upsie's Warranties Protect Holiday Electronic Gifts

In contrast to other warranty companies, Upsie offers clear and transparent details about their protection plans for electronics directly on the website. Upsie lists plan options, prices, and coverage details for all of their warranty plans.
Upsie offers the best extended warranty for electronic gifts. Some benefits of choosing Upsie include:
  • Transferable: Gift givers can add an Upsie extended warranty to their purchase. After giving the present to the recipient, the customer can also transfer ownership of the contract. Other extended warranties may prohibit transferring protection to new owners.
  • Flexible: Upsie claims representatives will help customers choose the most convenient option between certified local or mail-in repairs for smaller electronics or appliances. In addition, Upsie covers two-way postage for mail-in service. They also send certified technicians directly to the home for larger products, like TVs and fridges.
  • Accessible: Many warranty companies only accept written claims. In comparison, Upsie claims representatives will answer the phone 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • Transparency: This warranty company never slips in hidden fees. Some plans have modest deductibles, but the website makes these clear.
Most of all, Upsie doesn't sell through retailers. Instead, customers can register their warranties directly online with the company. Best of all, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than retailers or manufacturers.
An Upsie protection plan provides great value with lower prices, robust coverage, and top-quality service. In addition, Upsie electronics, appliances, outdoor gear, fitness machines, and more.
Separate from Upsie's other warranties, Upsie also has a smartphone subscription warranty for just $9.99 per month. With this warranty, customers gain comprehensive protection at an affordable price.

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