Essential Information on the New iPad Mini 6 Coming Soon

If you’re waiting to learn more about the upcoming iPad Mini 6 release, you’re not alone. Apple fans, tablet fans, and fans of Apple tablets look forward to this new release. Fortunately, Apple is doing better at updating its loyal customers and the public in general. Still, the iPad Mini has fallen further behind than most of Apple’s vast collection of beloved gadgets. It has been two years since the iPad Mini underwent an overhaul, and it is due for a good treatment and some serious upgrades.

The News On the New iPad Mini 6 Is Sparse

Apple is staying quiet about the official release date for the iPad Mini 6, so stay patient a little longer until Apple leaders are ready to give up the information.

Some Rumors to Consider

Without official word from Apple, everyone is left to spread rumors, including one that states that the iPad Mini features a larger 8.5-inch Liquid Retina display. This rumor alone might suggest the iPad Mini 6 has experienced some additional updates and improvements.
Another fun consideration is Apple’s possible inclusion of the first mini-LED iPads for better contrast ratios and image quality.

The Pricing Question

PhoneArena reached an interesting conclusion regarding pricing, thinking it’s unlikely that Apple will increase the price of the iPad Mini 6 since the storage options aren’t supposed to change. Therefore, you are likely to pay:
  • $399 for 64GB WiFi iPad Mini
  • $549 for 256GB WiFi iPad Mini
  • $529 for 64GB WiFi + Cellular iPad Mini
  • $679 for 256GB WiFi + Cellular iPad Mini
No matter what the price, make sure you find and invest in an extended tablet warranty to protect your purchase to keep your iPad Mini running smoothly.

What Is the Best Extended Warranty Option for Your iPad Mini Tablet?

Until you learn more news about the iPad Mini 6, you might want to start planning for your extended warranty or insurance plan. Given the possible prices, your coverage may vary. Here’s more pricing information for Upsie warranties.
  • 2-year warranty for a $399 iPad Mini costs $65.99 and a 3-year warranty costs $102.99 w/$25 deductible for each claim
  • 2-year warranty for a $529-549 iPad Mini costs $90.99 and a 3-year warranty costs $136.99 w/$25 deductible for each claim
  • 2-year warranty for a $679 iPad Mini costs $103.99 and a 3-year warranty costs $179.99 w/$25 deductible for each claim
With such affordable protection, you might wonder how extensive the coverage is. Upsie covers the following:
  • Cracked screens
  • Spills and drops that lead to damage
  • Failures including mechanical, Bluetooth, battery, power, touchscreen, camera, and WiFi

How Can You File a Claim for Your iPad Mini and Find Quick and Complete Resolution?

The claim filing process is quick, simple, and completely online, allowing you to make claims 24/7/365. Call in to talk to a live human customer service representative, happy to take your claim information, and get the resolution process underway upon claim approval. Your customer service representative will locate a Genius Bar or another certified repair center for your iPad Mini.

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