Upsie Versus AKKO Extended Warranties for Smartphones

All smartphone buyers should consider buying an extended warranty to protect their new purchase. Typical manufacturer's warranties only help pay for repairs because of defects during the initial contract's term. According to Swappa, the most common problems with phones that call for repairs include cracked screens, dead batteries, worn charging ports, and broken buttons. These incidents stem from accidents or premature wear, so the initial warranty does not cover them.
These days there are a variety of protection plans to choose from. The Federal Trade Commission advises consumers to compare extended warranties and protection plans to find the best one for their needs. Two contenders for this kind of protection include Upsie and AKKO.

The Best Protection for Smartphones: Upsie Versus AKKO

Let’s begin with some quick facts about each company.


At first glance, AKKO appears to offer a decent deal. Some examples include:
  • AKKO advertises plans that cover phones for accidental damage and theft between $5 and $12 a month, with deductibles that range between $29 and $99.
  • To file claims, customers must fill out an online form and wait for a representative to contact them.
At first, AKKO almost looks too good to be true with its low prices and online services. Indeed, many customers appear satisfied, primarily because of the low price. Still, consumers who plan to invest several hundred, or even over a thousand, dollars in the latest smartphone technology shouldn’t save a few bucks on the premium just to suffer from disappointment later.


Upsie prices its plans differently from AKKO and is refreshingly simple. Upsie's smartphone subscription plans cost just $9.99 per month. In addition, Upsie has an industry-low deductible of $0 for cracked screen repairs. This means that you'll pay nothing when you go into an Upsie repair shop to get your phone screen repaired.
Also, the services that Upsie provides can make a big difference. For instance:
  • Some people may not live close to a repair shop. In that case, Upsie will pay for two-day, two-way shipping to their certified service center.
  • Most of all, Upsie offers a 24-7 claims service via live operators in the US. These fantastic representatives help quickly process claims and help arrange for the most convenient repairs.

Is AKKO or Upsie Better?

AKKO and Upsie don't offer precisely the same kinds of protection. For instance, Upsie covers defects after the initial warranty expires, but AKKO does not. AKKO covers theft, and Upsie does not because, honestly, theft isn’t that common. For thefts, AKKO puts the burden of proof upon the customer. Some customers left reviews that said they could not get reimbursed because they had not turned their phone tracking on, but couldn't a thief turn that off even if they did?

Which Plan is Cheaper?

For more expensive phones, Upsie may charge somewhat more, but remember that Upsie lists the price for a two-year plan, and AKKO posts the monthly cost. In other words, don't forget to divide the price of Upsie protection by 24 to get an accurate comparison. Take a look at this chart to view pricing for an iPhone 13 priced at $829 from Upsie versus AKKO:
Upsie AKKO
2-Year Cost $239 $264
Monthly Cost $9.99 $11
Repair Deductible $0-$109 $29-$99
Total Price with One Claim $239-$348 $293-$363
If you want to cancel your plan, you can do so easily online. With Upsie, you can cancel at any time with no fees or penalties. In contrast, AKKO makes cancellations frustratingly complicated. You must email their billing department for a prorated refund.

How to Learn More About Upsie Smartphone Extended Warranties

Visit the Upsie smartphone warranty page and look around to understand the plan price, coverage and other details. If you have a question, check out their How it Works page or contact them, and a friendly support specialist will get back to you quickly.
With Upsie, you can purchase a subscription plan for any smartphone bought in the US as long as it is in good working condition. This means you can get a new warranty for your 2-year-old smartphone.
AKKO sounds good on paper, but when you dig into the details, Upsie is the clear winner. Learn more about Upsie smartphone protection today!

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